Starting the 30-Day blogging challenge has truly been a challenge for me. I’ve decided to share some of my personal stories, as well as life and business lessons I’ve learnt from unexpected sources. It involved a lot of thinking (overthinking) and plenty of coffee. So here is the round up for the week one:

What my long distance relationship taught me about life and business

Being in long distance relationship is challenging. Just like running a business. There will be those who will doubt you, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Find those that will support you along the way. For those that don’t share your vision – show them the way, be their inspiration.

5 Things you can do when you’re not feeling productive

We all have those days when we’re in focus, everything seems to be going well and we have our game face on. Then some days it’s the complete opposite, for whatever reason. In this blog post, I’ve shared my 5 favourite things to do when I don’t feel productive.

4 Myths about working with a Virtual Assistant

I’m sure you’ve heard many things about how is it to work with a Virtual Assistant. Maybe you have a certain opinion about it yourself. Knowing what you can expect when you hire a VA will help you avoid disappointments.

Self-care lessons from a former people-pleaser

It’s so difficult to say “no” if you’re a people-pleaser. You end up having so much on your plate, doing everything yourself and not having much time to do what you really want. We need to accept that asking for help, delegating, saying “no” when we mean it and taking time for ourselves, is a form of self-care. We can give the best of us, only if our needs are met if we are happy and feeling fulfilled.

What can we learn about productivity in business from house chores?

You wouldn’t think you can compare the productivity in your business with doing something so simple like doing the dishes… But you can…

Create canned responses in Gmail within minutes

Writing the same email all over again is exhausting and a waste of time. Learn how to create email templates – canned responses in Gmail within minutes. This gives you an opportunity to use that time to do something else – spending additional 10-15 minutes with your partner, kids or taking some time for yourself.

How to create folders in Gmail to organise your emails

Imagine you’re looking for an email from your client, but you can’t remember when was that sent. Was it 2 or 5 days ago? Instead of scrolling through your inbox, check all your emails coming from the same person in a click of a button.

Stay on the lookout for more productivity blog posts, “How to” visual guides and possibly a one or two video tutorials. 😉

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