How I like to charge

Per hour – I charge an hourly rate of £30, track my time with Toggl and I round it up to the nearest 15 minutes. You will also receive a summary report with your invoice where you can easily see the breakdown.

Per project – sometimes it’s easier to have certain tasks done as a project with a fixed price. It’s best to discuss this to see if this is the best solution for both.

Retainer – for some work, it’s simpler to pay for a set number of hours in a month. I track my time with Toggl and notify you when you are close to consuming your budget.

How I like to work

I mostly work virtually and I believe the communication is the key to successful collaboration. I love having clear instructions for the tasks, with clear outlines and deadlines.

Who I like to work with

I prefer working with clients who are action takers and know what they want. You might have an idea what do you want but you’re not sure how to achieve it and where I can help you. The best solution for that is to book a free consultation call, so we can discuss your needs.