Someone recently asked me, why do I think ActiveCampaign is superior to any other email marketing service provider?

I really don’t think it is. I don’t think any other email marketing service provider is superior to others. It really depends on your needs, where are you in your business, what do you want to achieve and how do you want to grow.

That’s why I’ve decided to put a list of the things I love about ActiveCampaign. Some of the features and possibilities might be just what you need and what you can’t find in other providers.

I hope that this will help you make your decision whether moving to ActiveCampaign is for you or not.


1. One subscriber counts as one contact no matter how many lists the subscriber is on

I find this very important for one simple reason – pricing plans. If your contacts count as double or triple because they are on two or three different lists, this means you’ll be outgrowing your pricing plan very quickly.


2. Visual builder of automations

This is particularly useful when you’re splitting your automation and segmenting subscribers. It really helps you visualise the path or journey through which the subscriber will go.


3. Splitting automation based on “if-else” conditions

You might be wondering why on earth would you need to split the automation. I will give you one example.

Let’s say you’re running a webinar and at the end of the webinar you’re offering a sign-up for your VIP coaching or a program.

Of course, not everyone will be able to attend the webinar and you will most probably send a recording to your subscribers so even those who haven’t attended a live webinar can catch the replay. After all, you have an offer included at the end of your webinar.

You will add a link to the recording in your email and set up a tag “Clicked on the webinar “name of the webinar” recording link” and you’ll set a condition to wait for 2 days.

After that you will split the automation into two segments:

  1. Those who have clicked on the link
  2. Those who have not clicked on the link.

You can send an email to your first segment of subscribers asking them if they have any questions after watching the recording, do they have any questions about your offer, etc.

The second segment of your subscribers will get a different email, reminding them of the recording (maybe a short overview of what did you talk about during the webinar) and it’s short availability.

This allows you to follow up and interact differently with two different groups. If this is not awesome, then I don’t know what is.


4. Various triggers for automation

You can start an automation based on when someone subscribes to list or submits a form, when a tag is added or removed from a subscriber, it can be date based or simply when a contact visits your web page. Even the conditions within the automation are endless.

For example, if a contact has entered an automation sequence, emails don’t necessarily have to be spaced out 1 or 2 days after the previous email. The condition of when the contact receives the next email in the sequence, can be date and time-based or even when the contact does a certain action.


5. Engagement tagging

Who wants non-engaging subscribers? Engagement tagging and automation allows you to track who are your non-engaged subscribers. You can give them the option to unsubscribe from the list themselves or ask for feedback whether the content you’re sending them is relevant to them or not.

They don’t necessarily need to be unsubscribed from all the lists. This way your subscribers will know you’re thinking of them and that you want to provide the valuable content that is relevant to them. Imagine yourself being on several lists for one company. You’ll be most probably getting many emails and some of them might not be relevant or interesting to you.


6. CRM with sales automation

This is not available on the “Lite” plan, but on the “Plus” plan. If you’re paying for a CRM to track and manage your contacts, why not have everything all in one. Your marketing and CRM together in one place. This is what ActiveCampaign allows you to do.


7. Contact and Lead scoring

Also not available on the “Lite” plan, but on the “Plus” plan. Contact Scoring is a way to evaluate and prioritize the quality of your leads. Scoring assigns a numerical value to your contacts. The higher the score, the better the lead.

Let’s say, for example, each time your contact or lead clicks on a certain page on your website, their score will go up by one. Once they hit a certain score target, the contact can be added to an automation that sends a discount offer or a link to book a call with you.

Someone who has visited your “Work with me” page 10 times is a “warmer” lead than someone who has never been there. They might need just a little nudge.


So what do you think about ActiveCampaign? Have you been thinking of switching but not sure whether it’s something for you or not? Do you use ActiveCampaign in your business? What is your favourite thing about it? Do you have any questions about AC?


Let me know in the comments.


*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for ActiveCampaign and I do not make any profit from writing about ActiveCampaign features. I am simply someone who recognises how this tool can be beneficial for some of my clients and people I encounter. I’ve received many questions about it and I simply wanted to answer a couple of those questions.